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Tips for Safe Trailering and Towing

Here are some extra recommendations for safe trailering and towing:

 Stay within your limits: Review the towing capability of your individual car and verify it is capable of managing the weight of your trailer. Exceeding the maximum towing capacity might result in risky handling, poor braking performance, or catastrophic damage to the vehicles suspension, engine, and drivetrain.

 Pack your trailer appropriately: Load the trailer properly and distribute weight evenly for maximum handling.

 Check your tires: Ensure the tires on the tow vehicle and trailer are properly inflated.

 Check your lights: Test the lights on the trailer to check they are operating correctly.

 Check your brakes: Ensure the brakes on the tow vehicle and trailer are in functioning shape.

 Adjust your mirrors: Adjust your mirrors to ensure you have a good view of the trailer and adjacent cars.

 Use suitable hand signals: Use proper hand signals and brake controls for smooth slowing and stopping.

 Take wide turns: Take wide maneuvers to ensure the trailer clears obstacles and other cars.

 Increase following distance: Increase the following distance between cars to enable safe stopping.

 Be aware of your surroundings: Be aware of your surroundings and reduce or erase distractions.

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