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Alberta Rose Towing Company remove scrap or junk cars through a process known as junk car removal or scrap car towing. Here's how we handle the removal of scrap or junk cars:

Contact: The owner of the scrap or junk car can contact us to request removal. This can be initiated through a phone call: 780-440-3515.

Assessment: We ask the owner for some basic information about the vehicle, such as its make, model, year, and condition. This helps us determine the appropriate equipment and personnel needed for the removal process.

Quote: Based on the information provided and an assessment of the vehicle's condition, we provide the owner with a quote for the removal service. This quote may include factors such as the distance to the vehicle's location, any additional services required (such as winching if the vehicle is stuck), and the current market value of scrap metal.

Schedule: Once the owner agrees to the quote, you can schedule a convenient time for us to remove the vehicle. we often offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the owner's needs.

Towing: On the scheduled date and time, a tow truck or flatbed is dispatched to the location of the scrap or junk car. Our towing operators use specialized equipment to safely load the vehicle onto the truck for transport.

Transport: The tow truck transports the scrap or junk car to a designated facility for processing. This may be a salvage yard, scrap metal recycling center, or auto dismantler.

Disposal or Recycling: At the processing facility, the scrap or junk car is either disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner or dismantled for recycling. Salvageable parts may be removed and sold, while the remaining metal is crushed and recycled.

Documentation: We provide the owner with documentation confirming the removal of the vehicle. This may include a receipt or certificate of disposal, which can be used for record-keeping or to fulfill legal requirements.

Overall, we handle the removal of scrap or junk cars efficiently and responsibly, providing owners with a convenient solution for disposing of unwanted vehicles.


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