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Accident Towing Edmonton (Vehicle Breakdown)

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Accident towing refers to the process of towing vehicles involved in accidents. When a vehicle is involved in a collision or any other type of accident that renders it inoperable or unsafe to drive, towing may be necessary to remove the vehicle from the scene.

Here's how we typically tow accident vehicles:

Assessment: Upon receiving a call for assistance at the scene of an accident, we assess the situation. They evaluate the extent of damage to the vehicles involved, any potential hazards, and the best approach for towing.

Safety Precautions: We prioritize safety for everyone involved in the accident and those on the road. we set up warning signs, cones, or flares to alert other motorists and establish a safe working area around the accident scene.

Stabilization: If necessary, we stabilize the accident vehicles to prevent further shifting or damage. This involve using wheel chocks, stabilizer bars, or other equipment to secure the vehicles in place.

Extraction: We carefully extract the accident vehicles from the scene using specialized equipment such as wreckers or flatbed trucks. we use winches, cables, or straps to safely pull or lift the vehicles onto the towing vehicle.

Damage Assessment: While loading the accident vehicles onto the tow truck, we assess the damage to determine the best approach for transport. we take note of any structural damage, leaking fluids, or other issues that may affect the towing process.

Secure Attachment: Once loaded onto the tow truck, the accident vehicles are securely attached using straps, chains, or other restraints to prevent shifting or further damage during transport.

Transport: The tow truck transports the accident vehicles to a designated location, such as a repair shop, insurance assessment center, or towing yard. we follow specific instructions provided by the vehicle owner, insurance company, or law enforcement.

Unloading: Upon reaching the destination, we carefully unload the accident vehicles from the tow truck. we follow proper procedures to ensure safety and minimize the risk of additional damage during unloading.

Documentation: We provide documentation of the tow, including a towing receipt or accident report, to the vehicle owner, insurance company, or law enforcement agency as needed.

Throughout the towing process, we prioritize safety, professionalism, and efficiency to ensure that accident vehicles are handled with care and transported safely to their destination. Trained operators and specialized equipment are essential for safely managing towing operations involving accident vehicles.


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