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Towing is a job done by highly experienced personnel. It requires high degree of precision and judgment. It might seem to be a mundane and regular task but only a person who has got his car towed will be able to answer this question better. Even a small mistake can domino up to a huge blunder.
Did you know that there are different kinds of towing vehicles for different cars and different purposes? You cannot use the tow vehicle which is meant for a car for a Minivan or as a matter of fact even for a motorcycle. Again, a towing vehicle which is meant for a mud, snow recovery for a topple over. There is different kind of tow vehicle for different purposes. Let us understand what they are and the purpose they fulfill.

  1. Light Duty Towing Truck – These trucks are to be used when we need to get a quick job done. The permissible weight for these trucks is one ton. These trucks are sometimes equipped with special trailers for motorcycle towing. They are ideal for small car towing, to change flat tires, to provide immediate roadside assistance. These trucks serve in Edmonton City and its immediate area including Sherwood Park.
    • Medium Duty Towing Truck – These trucks are used for heavier vehicles for weights up to 5 tons. They are capable for long distance towing and can tow vehicles like small truck, minivans, SUVs, single axle trucks, small tractors, delivery trucks and other similar sized vehicles. They operate and serve in the entire Alberta province including Sherwood Park.
    Heavy Duty Towing Trucks – these are the biggest available option in towing vehicles. They are capable of towing any kind or size of vehicles. Their permissible weight ranges between 25 to 75 tons. They are capable of towing huge vehicles like trailers, buses, tankers, multi axle trucks, etc. They are capable of recovering rollovers, multiple collisions, pile ups. These trucks are also used for recoveries of tankers carrying dangerous good and chemicals, which might have got involved in an accident. They serve Edmonton including Sherwood Park region.

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