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Difference between flatbed towing and wheel lift towing you should know.

Flatbed towing and wheel lift towing are two common towing methods used for transporting vehicles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two:

Method of Transport:

Flatbed Towing: In flatbed towing, the entire vehicle is placed on a flatbed truck or trailer. The vehicle is secured to the flatbed using straps or chains. read more about when to use flatbed truck for towing?
Wheel Lift Towing: In wheel lift towing, only the front or rear wheels of the vehicle are lifted off the ground. A tow truck equipped with a hydraulic lift mechanism raises either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle, while the other wheels remain in contact with the ground.


Flatbed Towing: Suitable for all types of vehicles, including those with all-wheel drive (AWD), four-wheel drive (4WD), or vehicles that have suffered significant damage.
Wheel Lift Towing: More suitable for smaller vehicles and those with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. Not ideal for vehicles with low ground clearance or those that have been severely damaged.

Vehicle Protection:

Flatbed Towing: Provides better protection for the towed vehicle since the entire vehicle is off the ground and secured to the flatbed.
Wheel Lift Towing: While it does provide some protection, there is still potential for damage to the vehicle’s undercarriage or body, especially if the tow truck operator is not careful during the lifting process.

Cost and Availability:

Flatbed Towing: Typically more expensive than wheel lift towing due to the specialized equipment required and the added time and effort involved.
Wheel Lift Towing: Generally more readily available and less expensive compared to flatbed towing.

Speed and Convenience:

Flatbed Towing: May take slightly longer to set up and load the vehicle onto the flatbed compared to wheel lift towing. However, it offers more convenience in terms of loading and unloading, especially for vehicles that cannot be easily driven.
Wheel Lift Towing: Faster to set up and execute, making it more convenient for quick towing jobs. However, loading and unloading may require more effort, especially if the vehicle is not in a drivable condition.

In summary, flatbed towing is typically preferred for transporting a wider range of vehicles and providing better protection, albeit at a higher cost. Wheel lift towing, on the other hand, is faster, more affordable, and suitable for smaller vehicles or situations where flatbed towing may not be necessary.

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